Frequently Asked Questions regarding our Team Building Corporate Events and Family Entertainment Services in Colombo Sri Lanka

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Mystery Bar is an immersive 90-minute experience for your team of colleagues or for your friends and family. It's like being part of a detective movie with the only exception that there is no way to press "pause". The time is running out!
These are the rates per group (up to 20 people):
  • 65,000 LKR for Sri Lankan Corporate Teams: a professionally facilitated 2 ½ hour team building experience for corporate teams. It can be customized for leadership training, recruitment or assessment purposes if needed. A professional facilitator provides teamwork briefing before and insightful feedback after the experience. (A value-adding two-hour video debriefing and learning capture session 3-7 days after the experience can be included for an extra fee of 35,000 LKR.)
  • 40,000 LKR for Sri Lankan Friends and Family or 450 USD for International Groups: a fun, captivating and memorable experience arranged e.g. as a reward for job well done, as a night out for tourists, as part of a stag night or hen party, as a birthday or anniversary celebration, as a family gathering or just to get together and spend quality time with friends.
Rates include all applicable government taxes.

Take our word for it: Mystery Bar is worth every penny! With 20 people in the group the per person cost is only 3,250 LKR for "Team Bonding" mode and 2,000 LKR for the "Fun with Friends" mode.

As we pioneered this business in Sri Lanka we spent countless of design hours building everything ground-up. Locks, safes, hides and puzzles were imported from Europe. Spreading awareness takes both time and money. Moreover, we are happy to pay a generous rent for the extravagantly eccentric premises that we prepare for each client group individually. Our highly skilled staff ain't free either.

Should there be any profit at the end of the day we channel it to create more of these awesome mystery experiences so that you and your friends have more puzzling challenges to crack in the future.

Together with a 15-minute briefing before and walkthrough after the 90-minute experience, Fun with Friends mode takes altogether 2 hours of your time.

Team Bonding mode lasts 2 ½ to 3 hours.
No. You'll regret asking this question. Once you are there you wish time would pass slower. It doesn't. You will have to give your everything to be successful. There is a lot to do!
You need to start respecting and managing time already before the start of the game. If you are late for your briefing we retain the right to cut your game time respectively. Also, if you fail to show up for a paid booking, there is no refund.

There will be clues, riddles, locks, puzzles and pieces of evidence that you will need to put together to solve the mystery.

Once you enter the room, you become part of the story. Unless you dive headfirst in solving the challenges, the time will run out. You have no choice but to become the detective everyone expects you to be. This is what we mean when we call it an immersive experience.

You will be using your ability to look for clues, figure out logic, communicate with the other players and apply deductive reasoning to solve the mystery. Don’t give up! Keep searching for clues. You are going to have to work fast!
Yes. A designated Game Master will be with you the entire time. He or she will not intervene at any point unless you ask for a hint. Don't be afraid to ask for help!

Whether your team manages to solve the mystery or not, you will have an unforgettable adrenaline-packed experience in any case.

You get to activate parts of your brain that you did not know existed. You get to try something entirely new and challenging. You get to work your way through the puzzles and riddles as a team. And, finally, we ensure that you learn from your mistakes and make sure you won't repeat those back at the office.

You will make it to the Leaderboard and you will become famous.

Record-breaking achievements are featured in the Mystery News.

Ideal group size is 11-15 but anywhere between 8-20 people can play at once.

If you are less than that, we could hook you you up with other players in a public event. You'll make new friends and might find it easier to work in a diverse group.

If there are more than 20 eager participants we split it in two consecutive teams. We don't want any of your detectives to stand unemployed, do we? While one group is playing the others may dine downstairs, for instance.

You need to be at least 18 to do the booking but nothing stops having a multi-generational team.

We have witnessed eight-year-old MVPs (most valuable players) running around and curiously looking for solutions. It could be the adults who are not willing to listen to kids that mostly hinder common success.

Having said that, children under the age of 8, infants and toddlers will not be allowed in the premises for their own safety. Parents or other guardians are responsible for all underage participants.


Yes, you can share your excitement and recommend the experience to others.

And, NO YOU CANNOT share any lock combinations, clues, puzzle solutions or other information that would make it easier for others to crack the mystery. No one likes spoilers and party poopers, right? Each game should be a unique experience. Let others enjoy the experience on their own.

Besides, what you're suggesting is outright illegal. The waiver you agreed to when booking clearly forbids this. If we see that any of our clients' actions are harmful to our business we will not hesitate to take legal action. Having said that, nothing like this has ever happened so let's keep it like that. We trust you.

This depends if you have booked a "Fun with Friends" event or if you are a corporate client going for the "Team Bonding" mode.

Fun with Friends: Confirming the time slot you have booked makes that specific slot unavailable for others. Therefore we cannot refund paid bookings. You can however transfer your booking to your family or friends who can play on your behalf.

Team Bonding: We can be flexible rearranging a new time to play if you request this at least 14 days prior to the planned event.
Soon. Please join the "Mystery News" mailing list and we will let you know when the next Mystery becomes available.
Yes. We are open to all sorts of innovative collaboration ideas. To open the discussion, please contact Nadun: nadun(at) or +94 710 777 676
Bring a personal bottle of water if you like. It might get hot inside. Other than that, everything you need is in the premises.
We will not confiscate your mobile phone but googling will not help you at all. On the contrary, using your phone is nothing but a waste of time. Also, remember that the waiver forbids you from taking pictures inside the premises. We will take a group photo after the time is up.

Only if you are planning to remain in the premises after 6 pm. The Love Bar is a nice place for having drinks at night and Flamingo House has its own policies regarding night-time clients' dresscode.

For the game, dress for comfort. Avoid wearing high heels and other potentially obstructive clothes and accessories.

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