Preparation for Mystery Bar team building event in Colombo, Sri Lanka

ARRIVAL: Be there 15 minutes before the game starts. Late arrivals cannot join the game. Dress code is casual. Make sure everyone has read the story of Satyavati and Sir Alfred Clarke!

WINNING: Mystery Bar is a collaborative game where you either win together or lose together. To win, you crack the mystery before time (90 minutes) runs out. If your team manages to find the trophy, you get to the Leaderboard.

HELP: At all times, the Game Master is with you. If you need to leave before time is up, just inform the Game Master. However, if you leave, you are not allowed to come back in. You can also ask help from the Game Master at any point.

CAUTION: Game area is limited to the first floor only. Out of bounds areas and items that don’t belong in the game are marked with yellow tape. There is no need to explore behind drapes, climb, use force or break anything. Be careful with the decorations and glassware. If you destroy anything, you have to pay for it. Things on the walls should not be touched. However, do observe them very closely!

NO PHOTOS OR SOUVENIRS: Everything you need is in the premises so there is no need for googling. Your phone is only a distraction. Group pictures can be taken afterwards. Please, do not put anything in your pockets.

ITEMS: You get a few useful items in the beginning.

  • BAG OF THE PAST: To deposit all used objects, e.g. keys and clues that you don’t need anymore. Each key and clue is used only once.
  • NOTEPADS AND PENS: To take notes when needed.

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